2014 Nov 14
Slow Paths Beyond is now available.

2014 Nov 10
Slow Paths Beyond will be released on Relaxed Machinery on Friday 14th November.

2014 Oct 01
A new compilation from Free Floating Music, Quiet Friends: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence, has been released.

2014 Jun 12
Echoes of the Harmonic Canyons from Inner Worlds Returning was included in the Sixth Anniversary podcast of Hypnagogue.

2014 Jan 01
Coming this year will be my second release on Relaxed Machinery.

2013 Dec 22
A Perpetual Point in Time, Tales of Hidden Algebra, Somewhere Under the Sky, and The Distant Lights of Forgotten Places are now also available from Bandcamp.

2012 Aug 24
Inner Worlds Returning has been released on the Relaxed Machinery label.

2012 Jun 02
Quiet Correlations has been reviewed by Baxter Tocher on EarTickles, a new ambient and electronica music reviews site.

2012 May 18
Quiet Correlations is now available from the Pocket Fields label.

2012 Jan 14
Within Fading Dreams from Following Circular Pathways was broadcast on Hearts of Space Program 968 "Ice Castles".

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