2011 Dec 15
A new compilation all|is|calm 2011 has been released by Free Floating Music.

2011 Sep 27
Six Trees in the Colony, Cosmic Archeology and Shapes in Clouds are now available from Bandcamp, and so can be downloaded in FLAC, 320 kbps MP3 and many other formats.

2011 Sep 24
The Sleeping from A Perpetual Point in Time was broadcast on Hearts of Space Program 957 "Mysterioso".

2011 Sep 16
Next year I will have my first release on the Relaxed Machinery label. Thanks to John Koch-Northrup, Steve Brand, Geoff Small and everyone else at Relaxed Machinery for making this happen.

2011 Sep 10
A new album, Only The Mirror, is now available from Bandcamp.

2011 Aug 09
Two new albums, The Perception Lingers and Catching Light, are now available from Bandcamp.

2011 Jul 30
Two new electronic pieces have been released at Bandcamp. They can be streamed for free, or downloaded in formats such as 320 kbps MP3 and FLAC.

2011 Jul 14
The new Free Floating compilation entitled Conception was released today. It consists of ambient music from 22 artists, and includes a track of mine.

2011 May 30
A number of my tracks were featured on the Free Floating show on StillStream on 25th May. Thanks to Brad Ross-MacLeod.

2011 May 21
Glass Pyramids from Somewhere Under the Sky was broadcast on Hearts of Space Program 946 "Timescapes".