Inner Worlds Returning (2012)
Relaxed Machinery rM_0030
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Inner Worlds Returning
01 Lands of Shades and Colours 6:46
02 Soft Clouds Behind the Rain 6:33
03 Faraway Coastlines 6:07
04 Almost Dawn in the Valley 7:21
05 Gatherings on Mountains 5:08
06 Whispering Leaves 4:44
07 Echoes of the Harmonic Canyons 7:00
08 Trees Casting Shadows 5:10
09 Never Far from Ancient Sunlight 8:04
10 The History of All Living Things 8:13
11 Sanctuary from Modern Dreams 4:31

John Shanahan, Hypnagogue
"...loaded with big, layered ambient drifts backed with atmospheric sounds; this is the musical equivalent of laying in a wide open field at midnight and taking in the full arc of stars, the night sounds around you, and a sense of deep-reaching calm..."